Helsinki. Genrales views of the city by tram and street market Eteläranta background. Visit the market. Along the port to foreign markets, find the covered market. It is a good place to try the local fish or to buy reindeer sausage. The Old Market Square area of ??the city of Helsinki, is perhaps the most bustling city agglomerated. The reasons are obvious, on the one hand is the knot that leave the most important shopping streets, is also the starting point for the ferries that carry Suomennlina and boats that take you around the coast. Besides the surrounding monuments as the Cathedral, the Uspenski Church, the Presidential Palace and the Supreme Court, and is itself small center of trade and food stalls, crafts and seasonal fruits that are made in the summer, which become Christmas crafts and baking in December. After thinking that there was hardly anyone in the city, get to the square and see it full of people and tourists (in this square is the main information office of Helsinki) was a bit shocking, since I had been enjoying the tranquility of the city from the early hours of the morning. But you know, that the docks and ports of these cities are so eminently maritime, the focus of daily life, especially in summer. Ah, an important fact. The obelisk we see was the first public monument to be erected in Helsinki in 1835. Its top has the eagle imerial Russian souvenir of the visit of Tsar Nicholas and his wife two years earlier.