Helsinki Railway Station. One of the milestones for a seeker of modernist essence, the Helsinki railway station, stands amidst a secluded embankment by the amount of people who seem to be home, sometimes the city center, or at less than its bustle. The building represents outstanding architecture and style of the era in which they arose. You have to look in particular at the clock tower, which is itself a symbol of Helsinki. The decoration of the facade with monumental statues, especially the light bearers of industrialization and progress, that are worshiped by the Finns, and the interior rooms with wide arches accentuate and give a very special nature of the building. This station serves trains to almost every corner of Finland and surrounding countries, such as Russia. The Helsinki railway station is undoubtedly a jewel of art nouveau, Helsingin päärautatieasema called, is a well-known landmark of the city. It is used by approximately 200,000 passengers per day, also houses Rautatientori Metro Station, which is the busiest of all Helsinki. Most characteristic, besides its brown and green accents, are its clock tower and the four men at the entrance, have become so popular that even were copied for advertisements.