Helsinki. Unable to travel to Finland and not visit one of his classic saunas. In Helsinki, is probably the most traditional Kotiharju, located in the city center, the only one that still warms the water timber. Tourists from around the world travel to this center exclusively for relaxation and rejuvenation. Is 72 years old and since then provides a high level of service. In total there are three saunas, separate for men and women. Right there you can rent all the necessary services, from towels and even non-alcoholic drinks and snacks in case you want to spend a whole day. The usage time is free, only general admission is paid. Saunas are very comfortable, with room for more than a dozen swimmers. The cooling room faces the street, making the sessions fun and curious. It is a very quiet place, perfect to soften and purify the body. You can also access a massage therapy descontracturantes obviously cost extra, but is recommended, the team is highly qualified professionals. Also offers reflexology, acupressure, manicure and pedicure.