Sa Roqueta Beach and Ses Illetes Beach, Balearic Islands, Formentera, Spain. Couple kissing in the beach.  Spain; Formentera; island; Ses Illetes; beach; sa roqueta; illetes; roqueta; coastline; marine; scene; outdors; love; kiss; kissing; boat; luxury; yacht; in love; sand; summer; balearic; nice; sea; boats; pretty; sunset; couple; walk; walking; sand; beauty; calo; beach; beautiful; beauty; blue; coast; people; man; woman; romantic; europe; holiday; idyllic; isla; island; islands; islet; landmark; landscape; mediterranean; nature; ocean; outdoor; paradise; places; rock; rocky; san; scenic; sea; seascape; shallow; shore; sky; spain; stones; holiday; horizon; islands; length; look; med; mediterranean europe; platge; platja; playa; rear; rocks; rocky; rough; sand; sandy; sea; single; slim; spain; spanish; stand; summer; tourism; travel; vacation; view; watch; wave; sun; sunny; touristic; transparent; travel; turquoise; vacation; water; waves; white; balearic; Baleares; atrraction; destination; Europe; European; holiday; travel; islands; mediterranean; photos; place; spanish; sun; tourism; touristic; vacation; view; Balearics; beautiful; beauty; paradise; fun; happy; coastal; paradisiac; popular