Diving in Arch area, Formentera, Balearic Islands, Mediterranean Sea, Spain. The Arch offers a rich, recreational seascape. It is an ideal dive site to brush up on your diving techniques or to simply enjoy a pleasant dive. Diving at the Arch is perfect for practicing your diving technique because diving can take place at all levels: from 3 to 15 metres, with a progressive depth gradient. The Arch is also one of the best dive sites in Formentera for initiation dives, as it offers a fascinating dive at shallow depths. Spain; Formentera; dive; diving; diver; arch; area; blue; depth; island; balearic; Baleares; atrraction; destination; Europe; European; holiday; adventure; aquatic; balearic; cave; cavediving; cavern; coral; coralreef; coralreefs; dive; diver; diving; eivissa; europe; extreme; fauna; format; gerald; hobby; holiday; horizontal; ibiza; in; islamorada; islands; marine; mediterranean; mr; n; nature; nowak; ocean; pine; pityuses; reef; reefs; rm; scuba; sea; sealife; spain; sport; sportdiver; sportdiving; sports; swim; swimming; tourism; tourist; travel; travelling; underwater; underwaterphoto; underwaterphotography; underwaterpicture; underwaterworld; vacation; wall; water; watersport; wildlife; travel; islands; mediterranean; photos; place; spanish; sun; tourism; touristic; vacation; view; Balearics; beautiful; beauty; paradise; fun; happy; coastal; paradisiac; popular