Hall, lobby. Hotel Es Marès - San Francisco Javier‎, Formentera Island, Balearic islands, Spain. San Francesc Xavier. A perfect boutique hotel in Formentera. Outdoor pool in a unique point on the island of Formentera. Spain; Formentera; hotel; es mares; mares; luxury; island; balearic; Baleares; atrraction; destination; loby; hall; icon; Europe; European; holiday; travel; islands; mediterranean; photos; place; spanish; sun; tourism; touristic; vacation; view; Balearics; beautiful; beauty; paradise; fun; happy; coastal; paradisiac; popular; apartment; coast; coastline; color; colour; contemporary; costa; day; daytime; europe; european; out; horizontal; lla; illes; mediterranean; mediterraneo; outdoor; outside; pitiusa; pitiusas; pitiuses; spain; spaniard; spanish; terrace; terraza; tourism; travel; traveling; travelling; travels