Majoral Mediterranean Inspired Jewelry. Formentera-Barcelona. Enric Majoral draws his inspiration from the beauty and drama of Formentera’s land and sea as well as the many preceding cultures from this Spanish island in the Mediterranean. Fascinated with jewelry as modern and ancient communication form, he has a true genius for creating pieces that are modernist and organic, stunning in their simplicity, classically based. They all also have the Majoral look, and therefore, the Formentera feel.  Spain; Formentera; jewelry; Majoral; Enric; island; shop; boutique; jewellery; work; artist; art; shopping; spanish; balearic; market; Pilar de la Mola; mola; tourists; souvenirs; craft; fair; balearic; eco; fashion; luxury; cheap; cheaper; ecological; alternative; sell; buy; Baleares; Baleares; atrraction; destination; Europe; European; holiday; travel; islands; mediterranean; photos; place; spanish; sun; tourism; touristic; vacation; view; Balearics; beautiful; beauty; paradise; fun; happy; coastal; paradisiac; popular