Some women pray in the Lab Nakuto monastery, outside Lalibela. The mysterious underground churches, a monolithic monuments of stone extracted in Lalibela, have been used continuously by the Orthodox priests from the XII and XII, when this remote mountain town was still the capital of the dynasty Zagwe important. The purpose of every church has eluded the work of modern historians: each building is unique in its size, shape and execution, are carved on the stone accurately (some say thousands of workers) and some of them lavishly decorated. Legend has it that at least one of the churches was built by angels in one day, another legend says that the churches born of a dream of King Zagwe. Eleven churches were dug beneath the surface of the earth, and in some cases to reach 10 meters high. They are surrounded by courtyards and trenches that connect to each other, forming a maze of tunnels and passageways between a building and the next. Churches are treasures in Ethiopia as the great pyramids are in Egypt. The city of Lalibela, located between steep cliffs over 2,500 meters, is a true delight.