Church of St. George in Lalibela. The church of St. George is the main eleven rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, a holy city for Christians Ethiopians in northern Ethiopia. These churches are a World Heritage Site according to UNESCO and represent the city of Jerusalem (with its stable of Bethlehem, the door to Paradise ...). Pose the greater pilgrimage center of Ethiopia and legend has it that the construction helped the Angels, who worked at night. If the visit to this set of cave churches, let the end of St. George, you will not regret because the final effect can not be more striking. I saw her for the first time at sunset with few tourists around, sublime would be an adjective bombastic, but successful. Bete Georgis is located away from other churches of Lalibela and as you approach, it goes unnoticed, not rise above the level of the land. When you close and suddenly appears before your eyes in the middle of the hill. It is as if a child had made ??a figure of a cross with a mold in the sand, with the difference that it is not soft beach sand, but reddish basalt rock. The show is impressive up close, without going into the entrance of the temple, as you can see much of the church, with some sloping walls and vivid contrast of red rock with bright green moss growing on the walls. Beautiful and incredible effort that had to involve the construction of a building and in the time of King Lalibela (XIII).