Inside the churches of Lalibela is easy to find people sitting on the floor praying. Everything here breathes faith. A faith hard as stone. Most characteristic of this place are the rock churches carved into the rock of Triassic red sandstone, fine-grained, and are part of the World Heritage since 1978. This is an incredible story of churches and chapels interconnected through a complex series of passages and galleries. Each church is excavated at different levels and with pipes, in order that in the rainy season the water flow and cause flooding. They have tanks and defensive elements. They are called houses (bet or bieta vernacular) these oratorios that match two types of structures: some are rectangular with three ships, one central and two lateral, and others are Greek cross plan. The doors and windows, and carved anogostas the same stone, have tasteful arabesques. The interior was polychromed with Byzantine-style paintings, some of which can still be seen faintly.