Several farmers cut sugar canes located on the road leading from Wukro to Mekele. In Wukro, located in the region of Tigray, northern Ethiopia, where more than 35,000 people, who come to 100,000 if you add up the small towns and rural villages. The city offers few attractions for visitors, except for some of the most impressive churches carved into the rock that can be located in the vicinity. Little more, because Wukro the only sign of progress is a road, passing trucks usual goods, military vehicles and buses crammed with passengers, which crosses the city and divides his way to Adigrat Mekele (the two main cities of Tigray). Life goes on either side of this road, where businesses of all kinds are mixed with the few government offices, with the occasional hotel and leisure property and small businesses of all types. The movement of people, at all hours, day and night, is also constant.