On the road between Mekele Wukro and several people collect water and a chance to bathe in a small roadside creek. Mekele is a leading business and academic centers of the country. It is also the largest producer of cement in Ethiopia. In its margins recently was enabled Alula Aba International Airport, which has a runway length of 3604 meters. There are two major urban landmarks that characterize the city, on the one hand, the monument to the TPLF (People's Liberation Front Tigray) in commemoration of the struggle against the Ethiopian communist regime, visible from most of the city. On the other hand, is the palace of Yohannes IV at the northern edge of the city. It was built for the emperor, by the Italian architect Giacomo Naretti in 1884.3 The complex still stands and now houses a museum displaying the royal throne of the emperor, his bedroom, ceremonial dresses, weapons and a number of other historical collections.