The injera is the typical food of Ethiopia and not lacking in any of the celebrations, such as in this celebration of a birth in the village of Hausein, lack of Gheralta mountains. Or Injara Injera is not only a kind of bread that is also an eating utensil. This bread is in its original form without using yeast its texture is spongy, and has a slightly acidic taste the injara is used to collect meat stews, or chicken and vegetables. The Injera is in turn used as individual tray serving different stews, thereby also the bread will absorb the juices from the food as it is consumed. When this edible tablecloth finish eating, means that the food has officially ended. Injera is made from teff, a tiny, round grain that flourishes in the highlands of Ethiopia. The teff is very nutritious, and has virtually no gluten. Teff is unsuitable for high bread making, however in the injera still takes advantage of the special properties of yeast. It gives you an airy texture, bubbly, and a slightly acidic taste our traditional recipe can be made with teff, and if we do not find this cereal another version with whole wheat flour and common white flour, thereby obtain a similar solution.