Nun Gheralta mountains. This nun brings atop mountains Gheralta since childhood, living in what brings people to the steepness of the area and can not get down like the priest in the area. To visit any of the nearly 30 churches built between the fourteenth and sixteenth in the rocky walls of the area it is best to spend at least one whole day I rented a car approaching the different temples with a guide. If you have more days, you can also stay overnight at the hotel Gheralta Lodge, located in the area, where you can enjoy a privileged setting. Sometimes access to churches is quite affordable, as are the cases we Wukro Chirkos or Abreha Atsbeha, although there are other examples that call for increased effort to visitors, such as Abuna Yemata Guh or Korkor Mryam Debre, in which can admire frescoes dating from the centuries they were built.