The wedding procession through the streets of Axum aboard a tuc-tuc celebrating who just married his associates. Axum is the oldest city in Ethiopia and probably the world. Legend has it that in this city is created by the inhabitants of the port when it was destroyed Adulis, born Melenik I, son of King Solomon and Princess of Saba. In fact, still remain the ruins of the palace of the Queen of Saba near which there is a lake where the queen supposedly bathed and where city residents collect water as the considered magical. Also interesting are the granite monoliths known as stelae Arabs techniques are built to the highest height reaches 34 meters and they all have a memorial. It further distinguishes the Church of St. Mary of Zion in the interior can not pass women since the old church was destroyed by a pagan queen. The interior retains the Ark of the Covenant, which according to tradition was brought to this chamber by Menelik I from the holy city of Jerusalem. If you have time we recommend a visit to the City Museum.