A girl filled to the brim with wood Debark market. Debark has a few shops and stalls where you can buy vegetables and some basic items. In Gondar several shops with reasonable stocks of foodstuffs. If you do not have all the necessary equipment can be rented mostly in Debark. Simien National Park rules require that all park visitors must be accompanied by an armed ranger, they charge about $ 3 per day. Hiking takes you through small villages and terraced fields in the lower valleys, before reaching a series of cliffs and escarpments. Beyond the cliffs leads to the beautiful alpine meadows and rugged wilderness areas of the high peaks. You have several choices of routes, depending on time and distance has to be covered, some tourists spend ten days trekking, but most tourists make a shorter trip. The route is also determined by the places where you can sleep at night. Most hikers stay near the National Park Sankaber, Geech and Chenek. Avoid traveling to the mountains in the rainy season.