A horse grazing in a valley of the Simien Mountains. It may not go so far off. Simien Mountains (which in Amharic means "North"), a World Heritage Site by Unesco, with its 180 square kilometers of unique beauty, is territory of the endemic gelada baboons. For the hiker, check how herds of up to 400 individuals of these monkeys roam at an altitude of between 2000 and 4000 meters, is a thrilling experience. Known as monkey lion, which directly affects its lush mane, his presence is a classic in these latitudes. Coexist in space and time with other surprises: the Abyssinian ibex (Walia), the Ethiopian wolf (less numerous) or saltarrocas antelope. The richness of the area (as well as the proliferation of birds) is complete with a majestic flora where we can not forget the rhynchopetalum Lobelya endemic. With a wealth of attractions of such a high caliber, it is not surprising that the camera works without ceasing.