In the central square of the city of Gondar highlights the proximity of a new cafe "Facebook" next to the old church. Founded in 1636 in northwestern Ethiopia, was the seat of the court of Emperor Fasil or Fasilidas. For nearly 200 years it was real city, and commercial crossroads of the culture. Prompted one of the most fertile periods of Ethiopian art. Splendid capital whose reign lasted over two centuries from 1636 and at first was a camp set up for the emperor, nobles and officers with their servants. The simple village became the center of a complex urban life, attracting people of diverse talents. The period was an important milestone in the history of Ethiopia, with relative political stability that brought a flowering of economic and social life of the whole population. They were used again the ancient trade routes linking the country with the rest of the world through the Red Sea. He specialized crafts and diversified to meet the demand for jewelry and ornaments which played an important role both in ceremonial occasions as in everyday life. The streets should be full of musicians praising God and emperors, heroes, and even the beauty of the city itself. There was a development of the traditional teaching of theology, law and grammar.