Fasilidas restrooms. Crossing an old wooden gate in a friendly dozing old man who apparently is the "guardian" of all, after a brief chat we entered the premises, before our eyes has a small building "Gondarino style" which highlights a pair of two-storey towers at the foot of the building opens a pond or "pool" of about 3,000 square meters, are the famous baths of Emperor Fasilidas. The trees present in the room, aware of the beauty of the place merges with the stone wall surrounding the pond achieving a magical symbiosis. Admiring this environment it is not surprising that some time, every January 19 is celebrated in this site come the Ethiopian Orthodox Epiphany, known locally as Timkat. (On this feast commemorates the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan) For the occasion, the pond is filled with water from a nearby river, which as we discussed is an arduous task that can take several hours. On the appointed day the faithful, carefully dressed crowd around the "pool" where they attend the Liturgy, which never misses a copy of the Ark of the Covenant wrapped in a cloth. The highlight of the celebration is when the faithful are immersed in the pool to renew their baptismal promises and purify his soul, the crowd is such that all attendees can immerse themselves in the sacred waters. After the ceremony, the purifying water is returned to its roots and now Fasilides baths deserts, the echo of the chants of the faithful will fade with the passage of time ... the trees in the pond back up again erected in silent and almost only witnesses such beauty and solitude.