Rural environment near the entrance of the trail to Blue Nile Falls. Some donkeys tied to a post with the watchful eye of a girl who seems possessed. The Nile on its journey to the sea from Uganda and Kenya share what has been called as the White Nile from Ethiopia and what has been called as the Blue Nile. These two channels come together in the city of Khartoum, the Sudanese capital to cross the desert heading to Egypt through Nubia region where it reaches its peak, there you are immersed in the world of pharaonic pyramids, sarcophagi, as the temples of Abu Simbel and the crossing where large cities like Luxor and Cairo Nile finally come to the mythical city of Alexandria where it will mix with the Mediterranean through a vast delta. It is also a river in the past and who have lived, but unfortunately not always peacefully, the major religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They have also left their mark along the magnificent river. They emphasize the core Christian Cairo, the great library that Christians gathered in Alexandria, the desert as the birthplace of monasticism and asceticism, the Coptic monasteries