Women selling souvenirs near the debram Maryam monastery on Lake Tana. The islands of Lake Tana monasteries s house. XIII and XIV, still inhabited by monks and nuns (apart, of course), which follow a secluded life, and never better, monastic ... surprised by the thinness of some of them, which are maintained with a handful of grain a day and some more! Were dundados by early Christian hermits who sought a place to leave the underworld, and there are still approaching the pilgrims, especially dates. One of the prettiest is the Ura Kidane Mihret also the most frequented by tourists. A half an hour walk through the woods leads to it, a circular building, typical example of Ethiopian Orthodox Church, made ??of mud mortar and thatched conical, preserved its fresh manuscripts, ecclesiastical objects, crowns and royal garments of various emperors of s. XIV .... One of these monks agreed to let us take pictures while reading one of his "incunabula", a manuscript of s. XIII or XIV. Yes, there are books kept for museum, still in use! When he decided that enough was enough, with a slight gesture, but serious and full of authority, dismissed us.