Portrait of a mother with her son at the foot of the Blue Nile Falls (Abay River). The Blue Nile Falls, Tis Abay AMARINA language (smoke water), are one of those mythical places with a dream when you read stories about early explorers, discoverers .. Precisely, Pedro Paez, a alcarreño born in 1564 in a village of Madrid today, was the first European "modern" was here. He was a Jesuit missionary, who became an expert on indigenous languages ??and culture, and was lucky enough to know the source of the Blue Nile in 1613. As he and his colleagues have, it seems that little has changed in these places ... Well, now there is a dam to generate electricity just above the falls, and has made his wealth dwindle, why not ... But the mule path continues along the river that runs between Abbai volcanic rocks hard ... It is the path that we started, and after crossing the bridge to the Portuguese rose, and continued walking with Amhara cruzándonos going to market with their goods (butter, honey ...), until, after climbing a small hill, we began to hear the sound of water, the sound of waterfalls, magical ... Gradually raising the volume until we can spot one of them, we move forward and there are, which was long thought were the sources of the Blue Nile (located nearby, on Lake Tana, while not cataracts. ..), magnificent brown because we are in the rainy season and dragging mud and slime, but equally beautiful and splendid.