Portrait of an Ethiopian in the area at the foot of the Blue Nile Falls (Abay River). A few years ago, the Ethiopian government inaugurated a hydroelectric plant that uses the gradient of the cataracts of the Nile water is diverted just before jumping into a turbine and produces 750 megawatts of electricity, not much, but enough to bring light and energy lead north of the country. Even left over for export. Before its construction, waterfalls covering a total of 400 meters of frontage. But now 85% of the flow is diverted through the canal to produce electricity. Only between 10 and 15% still falling for the falls. And that, in dry season, it shows. The natives called Tis Isat cataract, the steaming water, because the whole area was enveloped in a cloud of vaporized water visible from miles away. At his feet grew a rainforest with parrots, monkeys and hundreds of species.