Rarotonga Island. Cook Island. Polynesia. South Pacific Ocean. Mr Pa, the most popular guide in Rarotonga. One of the Cook Islands more colourful characters will take you on a magical four hour tour of the island, learning about its myths and legends and native herbal lore. Join Pa as he takes a guided walking and hiking tour of the lush interior of Rarotonga. Learn about the local medicinal plants used by his ancestors. Referred to by many publications as ‘the South Pacific’s most famous experienced guide’, Pa will recite stories of wars, famines and great migrations as passed on to him by his forefathers. Join him at the summit of the famous needle and enjoy the views from this vantage point, then trek down to the waterfall and journey through to the western coast. This is a great all-day excursion. Pa is well versed in Cook Islands culture and history and his tours are very interesting. There is some vigorous walking and climbing involved and you will need sturdy walking shoes and to be reasonably fit. Take insect repellent and don’t forget your camera, there are some amazing views and stunning scenery. The tour includes : Transfers and light lunch. The views and stories make this a wonderful experience.(4hrs)