Rarotonga Island. Cook Island. Polynesia. South Pacific Ocean. Pa’s Cross Island Walk.  Trekking in the mountains started when I was four years old. My Grandmother would send me to gather and count leaves and herbs for traditional healing. This is how ancient knowledge was passed on from one generation to another. Little did I realise I would become a herbalist of traditional remedies and lead over 3572 tours to date for many visitors to the island. As I grew, escaping to the mountains was a source of joy instead of the hum drum classroom routine. Nature was unspoilt and birds did not appear to fear man. A love of showing visitors the pristine wild interior of our Rarotongan mountains led to becoming a bonafied business. Keeping in shape was also a driving force and to share it with others. Pa's Treks commenced in 1987 when my girlfriend [ now my wife] sketched a cartoon picture of me standing on top of two mountains. Next day the hotels and motels were alerted to a new activity of hiking. It was a great way to entertain their guests. Guests tell me it means so much more to have a personal experience and communication and so much safer. I operate a professional guided tour and encourage guests to appreciate the eco system and Polynesian way. I look forward to meeting you when you visit my home, Rarotonga.