Atiu Island. Cook Island. Polynesia. South Pacific Ocean. An inhabitant of Atiu driving with his bike on the roads of the island next to a poster from Keep Left. Although Atiu is great for walking, a scooter (motorbike) or bicycle will allow you to explore more of the island at your own pace. Atiu Villas rents out scooters, bicycles and a jeep. Their own guests have priority but they will also rent to others. There are other businesses on the island renting out scooters though too and your accommodators can help organize this. You should let them know you might want to rent a scooter when booking your accommodation. Atiu Guesthouse and Atiu Homestay also have a four-wheel drive vehicle they rent out. Again it would pay to make enquiries and book ahead to ensure it is available. If you are doing some tours (very highly recommended) and some walking, you may only want to hire a scooter or jeep for one day - depending of course on how long you are staying on Atiu. Because of the small and personalized nature of tourism on Atiu, all of the accommodators will collect you from the airport and bring you to your accommodation. Transport may be on the back of a ute - travel like a local and enjoy the view! Fuel on Atiu is expensive and there is usually a cost for airport transfers although it may be included in your accommodation package. Check beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings when it's time to pay the bill. There is no public transport or taxi service on Atiu.