Atiu Island. Cook Island. Polynesia. South Pacific Ocean. Atiu Villas regularly organize island nights when there are enough visitors on Atiu. If you are staying in accommodation elsewhere, contact Atiu Villas and let them know that you would be keen to go to an Island Night if they are having one. You might be just the extra number that they need to organize it. The Island Nights on Atiu are fun and authentic. This is traditional Cook Islands dance and entertainment - not a glamourous show heavily influenced by islands such as Tahiti and Hawaii. Atiu Villas also serve a meal and have a bar at their restaurant - Kura's Kitchen. You need to make a booking by 3pm for the restaurant.  With the annual dancer of the year competition just around the corner – dancers are polishing up their acts ready for the cultural extravaganza. Across the outer islands, dancers are going through the ‘elimination’ process where the islands hold their own dancer of the year competition where the winners will represent the island in the national competition on Rarotonga. On the island of Atiu, the elimination dancer of the year competition sponsored by Air Rarotonga was held last Saturday at Atiu Villas. 10 competitors took to the stage in the various dance categories on offer. The 150 strong crowd were treated to some fantastic dancing – the first competition on Atiu since 2006. At the end of the hugely successful night which included entertainment by golden oldies and past dance competitors Maara Akava and Ardmore Manu – winners of the nights competition were released. In the female dancer of the year category – Memory Maaka took out the junior female division while Georgina Porio took out the intermediate and Rowyn Taia won the senior female dancer of the year division. In the male division – Teupoo Maaka George was the junior men’s winner while Retire Tanga took out the senior men’s division with no entries in the intermediate division. Event co-ordinator Kau Henry and fellow event organisers would like to thank Air Rarotonga for their generous support in sponsoring 6 airfares to Rarotonga for the national dancer of the year. Applications for the dance competition are available from the Ministry of Cultural Development. The dance competition will start on April 18 with the golden oldies, expatriates and visitors section at Staircase Restaurant and Bar. On April 25 the junior and intermediate dancer of the year will be staged at the national auditorium before the main senior dancer of the year competition, to also include outer island dancers, will be held on May 2 at the national auditorium.