Aitutaki. Cook Island. Polynesia. South Pacific Ocean. Polynesian dances in Aitutaki Punarei Culture Tours. This is a unique opportunity to learn about our ancient culture, lost identity, legends and traditional ways of our ancestors. Our Exciting and Informative Tour includes: Pick up and return from your accommodation. A Welcome to our Punarei Cultural Village that has been re-constructed to mirror traditional village structures and methodologies used prior to the arrival of the missionaries. An introduction by our experienced guides to the history and ways of life of our ancestors. A visit to an historic site created prior to the arrival of Christianity. Our experienced guides will explain life as it was then and the purpose of the site. A traditional feast (Umukai) for lunch onsite at our Cultural Village. This is a hands on experience not to be missed. Operating on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (9.00am to 1.00pm) NZ$75 Adults NZ$40 Children (Under 14) Children under 4 years old are freeKia Orana (Welcome) to Aitutaki Punarei Culture Village Tours. We invite you to discover the history, traditional skills, art and beliefs of our beautiful Island also known as ARAURA ENUA. This is a unique opportunity for you to learn about our ancient culture, myths, legends and traditional ways of our ancestors. My full name is Ngaakaara Kita Taria Pureariki, People call me Ngaa… that’s pretty much easier to pronounce. I grew up on Aitutaki with my grand Papa & Mama… well that’s their Tupuna’s (ancestors) name. Let me explain the meaning of this name in a short version.  The name Ngaakaara kita Taria Pureariki came from the Nga-pu-toru, particularly Enuamanu know today as Atiu. My Grand Father’s Family came from the Chief line. I’m very proud to have carried this very important name. My point is when you are named in various high ranging there is a reason why they name you that, to carry their work for generations to come. 8 years ago I walked down the valley of my Tupuna and this is where the end begin.