A magical sunset with elephants vahiculo inches from 4x4 in which we make the game safari camp near Khwai River Lodge by Orient Express in Botswana , within the Moremi Game Reserve Wild . Botswana does not live on agriculture, livestock, although it is an important pillar , focuses on the polar opposite to where the wildlife. And that population growth , together with the enrichment of the country, requires more land and , by the fact that much of the land is desert , there is a growing demand for fertile and productive areas . This encourages abuse of the soil ( what we have experienced in our country those years ago ) . The land value is soaring ! Excuses are needed and nothing better to argue that the country is being devastated by these opulent beings consume daily , per head , 170 kg . grass , bark of trees and shrubs . How much you eat in a day 600,000 ? How much do one hundred years consumed when they were ten million ? ... And Nature survived the presence of these " mammoth " beings . But apparently , can do no more ...Quiet ! Thanks to the action of a superhero series with shotgun in hand and a fistful of dollars , you will avoid the tragedy and save Africa from this evil that is the elephant when mother leaves or crosses the line. And apparently seen many things we wonder : Who sweeps who? , Who takes away the land to whom, ? Excess excess elephants or humans? , ? Many elephants or many cows ? Do many acacias or little corn ? , ? Protect the species interest or a hobby more for millionaires ? , ? Common interest or interests? There is a fact that we emphasize : Chobe National Park has 10,698 km2. This equates to an area of ??1,070,000 hectares. The park contains the largest concentration of elephants in Africa. The Nature Park is sturdy , strong, alive. And like the phoenix , is born and dies, but every day. It takes centuries to do so. Nature does not need teachers. She is the teacher. It has its own control mechanisms that allow you to maintain balance. It is man that disrupts this harmony, which destabilizes and depletes resources and territory. Is that endangers the existence of the species and therefore yours. For instance , in Spain , since 1968-1996 the area affected by fires (mostly intentional ) has been of 5,811,133 hectares, equivalent to 58,000 km2. ( From 1996-2011 fires have increased this figure ) . Clearly we do not need elephants to devastate the country and resist nevertheless . Not excuses ! ,Out excuses ! The elephant is killed for their ivory , for your skin and , more seriously, for pleasure . To say that hunting of elephants is " an art , a unique experience " is what would Hannibal Lecter. Shooting is not healthy . Something sick in the soul of him who without trembling pulse , for pleasure , for pure satisfaction, feeling more importantly, it takes the life of another living being. Not just fans , not just power, not just glitz . It's sickening . Killing an elephant does not take a crab to the pot - do not want to reach extremes , although we share the view PACMA and not the WWF ( Animalistasfrente conservationists ) - , is more troubling. We move in a world where sensitivities are like the taste, but more defined , more transparent. Here are scales, there are degrees , and if you do not cook a crab blows tears to most people , kill an elephant itself . Maybe it's because it conveys feelings when we see living together as a family , caring, protecting and caressing with his trunk to the young ... or maybe it's simply because they look and a crab eyes even if you do not. Miran . Sure they look, and front. Even when you are going to put a bullet between the eyes looking straight ahead ... It is clear that Botswana is a haven for those who have " pasta" : diamonds and big game. They are big. Squeak and even have whiff . They do not smell good. Quickly associate with a world fatuous , wasteful , cynical, hypocritical , vain , unscrupulous . Stereotypes unfortunately, as in this case , are determined to reproduce. We can never forget that "real" image of being more robust , majestic ( the elephant really is a king) , beautiful and of great nobility that walks the earth and we have seen , amazement , and this time he has been humbled in his death bed : Stamping tubes against a tree , as background for photo glorious perhaps exhibited only in the privacy ( until made ??public) of a privileged place in the house , the palace , as a simple memory or maybe Go to feed the ego ? , raising self-esteem ? ? or perhaps boast of prowess ... and battles with family, friends and commitments protocol? ... " Noble" noblest feat of Spain on one of the most NOBLE beings that inhabit this planet . Deplorable ! It seems insane , indecent , fatal , fateful ... , endless adjectives that we reserve modesty but not to keep the papers. A God what is God's ( and by what gods ) , but to Caesar should not give everything. Caesar must earn it . The elephant give him the land that belongs to him and that the man is wresting with dark ends . By reducing their habitat will obviously not all sites . It will trigger the plan B :Control hunting ! Excuses , excuses always , but who is the devastating ? , Who sweeps the floor of whom, who's the wild animal ? The elephant is dead ,long live the elephant! ... King