One of the guides in the 4x4 which made ??safaris in the Okavango Delta Khwai River camp near Lodge of Orient Express in Botswana , within the Moremi Game Reserve Wild . Botswana. Although only part of the Delta , Moremi Game Reserve is a protected area, this oasis in the desert is one of the largest enclaves of the continent of wild life and in turn is the main attraction of the country. No tourists not to travel to Botswana and not go through this natural jewel Delta is a very unusual case of what a delta , since unlike the vast majority this does not lead to the sea. In fact, rather than a delta , we should be talking about an alluvial fan which is divided into four different regions : Eastern Delta : this is the area with better accessibility and also the cheapest compared to Moremi Reserve and the interior delta . This area includes the wetlands between the southern end of the Moremi Reserve and the " buffalo fence " that includes Boron and Santandadibe rivers . The best way to access this area is via Maun in mokoro ( traditional canoe is usually made with ebony or African Kigelia , although lately built predominantly fiberglass) or 4x4 with camping. Shelters and Maun agencies usually organize mokoro cruises in this region of the delta. Inside Delta : covering the western areas , north and south of Moremi . It extends from the west of the island Chiefs to Delta swamp . This is where we find the classical landscape of a delta. Staying here is quite expensive and many lodges only accessible by air. The area is very prone to wander in mokoro from June to December . Okavango Swamp : a wetland area of the delta that extends northwest to the Namibian border . It is perhaps the most accessible area road . It is affordable and is not controlled by luxurious lodges with what neighboring towns to create their own camps cheapest rates. This area is dominated by reed beds and lagoons filled with papyrus. Coto de Moremi : with an area of ??about 3900 km2 , it is the only protected area of the delta and occupies a third of its total area to the northwest of the delta. The habitat is diverse encompassing and includes the island Chiefs and Moremi language northeast of booking , we can find deserts, mopane forests , ponds , depressions . Surely the case of the most popular and visited Delta among other reasons because the abundance of wildlife in this reserve is huge being able to see good populations of lion, elephant and buffalo as well as many other species including the endangered wild dogs . Is required to pay a daily entry in the reserve . It is available in both 4x4 and charter flights