An adult elephant with her calf near Camp Khwai River Lodge by Orient Express in Botswana, within the Moremi Game Reserve Wild. Killing an elephant in Botswana, from 30,000 euros. Go big game in Africa is not for all pockets. And of the continent's countries, Botswana is not precisely from the cheapest. The hunting safari in which King Juan Carlos I suffered a hip bill could have cost, depending on the animal that was the purpose of hunting, a minimum of 10,000 euros from 30,000 and if the target was an elephant, one of the 'big five'. From that amount, prices can multiply under the terms of safari and the number of animals killed. "Botswana is an expensive country for their condition," said Fernando Martinez, an expert in organizing hunting expeditions to Africa. "Almost all are government grants that is who imposes prices. A such amounts each organizer adds their margin for each day of hunting," he adds. That is, on a hunting safari paid for several concepts. First, by the organization of the hunt. This concept includes transportation, lodging or guides and started once in the country. If the agency Arena Hunting Services, he works for Martinez, the price of a 14-day safari to hunt an elephant for this item totaled EUR 18,100. If the objective is to collect a buffalo safari time would be reduced to seven days and 9,050 euros price. Second, on a hunting safari pay for permits to shoot and hunted animal. "Local companies engaged in organizing safaris get permissions Botswana government. Give you permission to certain areas and are not hard to come by, although quotas [of animals available] are very strict." That is, not the same hunt elephants or leopards antelopes, much more expensive. Nor is the same catch a big one small elephant: "Depends on the size of the tusks, weight in pounds", explains the expert in hunting. Choosing the animals before leaving. Yes, Martinez explains, it is better to know before making travel arrangements which animal is your goal: "You probably hunt permit a different animal than you had planned, but you'll pay the rate and also increase the price of the safari" it is not the same go to one of the Big Five-buffalo, elephant, leopard, rhino and lion (you can not hunt in Botswana) - that antelope. Rates, in any case, are established by the Botswana government and in 2011, in the case of the elephant, were $ 4,000 for the license and between 5,000 and 15,000 per animal killed. The buffalo was in 1000 and 3000 respectively, the ostrich in 200 and 500 dollars and the Oryx 500 and $ 1,000. Thus, an elephant hunting medium in an agency like Hunting Arena amount to 28,750 euros excluding extra costs that may be incurred by the traveler. Similar amount and even lower than many other sector agencies. A hunter contacted by this newspaper who prefers not to reveal his name and has hunted elephants in Botswana ensures that daily expenses apart, killing an elephant in that country costs 20,000 to $ 30,000 depending on their size. In Rann Safaris, whose website became unavailable minutes after the accident themselves known the monarch, which claim to have the king as a client, a 14-day safari with an elephant as target costs, including taxes, 45,250 euros. Prices, in either case, for a select few. 2011 was the first year that it has released the budget of the Royal Household. The assignment of the King of Spain is, according to information published by the institution, to 140,519 euros, to which must be added 152 233 for expenses of representation of the total EUR 8,434,280. That is, if the monarch had paid the basic package of Rann Safaris (45,250 euros), reportedly spent 32% of their allocation in the hunt. However, even if the accounts have been made public, have only been given to know the general details of actual budget. That is, with the information currently published is impossible to know if travel expenses are attributable to the allocation of Juan Carlos I or whether at the other of the items that have the Royal House. A question could be resolved by either the Transparency Law prepared by the Government of Mariano Rajoy, since this rule, at least in the bill-not affect the King's House. Several parties, such as GNP and ERC, for years demanded greater transparency in the reporting of the Crown as do many Spanish who, on Twitter, asking to know how you spend the money the family of King and more information about his public activity.