A couple of tourists photographing with zebras in background done walking safari camp near the Eagle Island Camp by Orient Express, outside the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana. After scanning the horizon, Botsualo, our guide, you authorize us to set down tents and start a walk at sunset. "No need to worry, in this area there are no predators delta" he says when he sees our faces, among frightened and hopeful to walk through that area. Normally in parks but you can not walk in certain areas, guided self. This is a. Stealthy footsteps move huge recognizing droppings of elephants and monkeys, to a pasture area where several groups of zebra, wildebeest and antelope roam free. We discovered a skeleton giraffe. Further away, next to a huge baobab a rogue elephant. We can not approach too but being there, without the protection of the car, in nature, in his field, is a wonderful and liberating feeling equally. As the sun goes down we retired. Although it is the best time to observe the animals have to go back to camp, make a fire and cook dinner. We have made no effort, but pure nature seems to make hunger go. After dinner, the moisture in the cold night brings our bones but luckily we have the coals to warm. In the almost total silence any noise is noticeable, so we were dumbfounded to hear, only a few feet away, the sound of water, footprints in mud, breaking branches, trees shaken ... "Do not move or you ignite any light," he Botsualo said as he walked out leaving us alone to look stealthy. We deduced that a noise and could only be an elephant. As the guide away the noise came back with a huge stick in his hand. "Elephants are the most dangerous animals. Sleep only 3 to 4 hours and still pacing night. And they can not see your tent and ... "he said, leaving the sentence unfinished. "Once," he continued, "to scare one had to hit him because he had gotten very annoying, in a camp, where we had torches". So, in the delta, sleeping on a small island, there are no fences or guards. It is pure nature, its territory, that is the beauty. And something like that is priceless.