During the safari Water Camp Eagle Island Camp Orient Express, on the outskirts of the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, we not only find birds and hippos, which also exist, but also elephants abound. Killing an elephant: 37,000 euros. Botswana is considered a paradise for fans of the game and there are several companies that offer luxury safaris. Botswana, the southern African country where the king has broken her hip this week, is considered a paradise for fans of the game and there are several companies that offer luxury safaris license to hunt an elephant for about 37,000 euros . Under government control, there is a whole tourism industry geared just for hunting enthusiasts, who are offered the opportunity to hunt elephants, leopards, giraffes and all sorts of wild animals during a stay in luxury camps in national parks . A stay of about 12 days in one of these camps to bring down an elephant license, copy more expensive, cost around 37,000 euros, while going on the hunt for a leopard or lion cost around 36,000 euros and Buffalo down to 23,000 euros, according to prices consulted by Europa Press in several of these companies. Is the government of this country that grants a limited number of licenses per year per species for wildlife hunting takes place in a controlled manner. When the executive detects that the number of individuals of a given species has dropped too prohibits hunting. This is what happened with the Lion in 2007. In a luxury camp Juan Carlos de Borbon has been practicing this week in Botswana hunting and staying in one of these luxury camps, where one night he accidentally fell and broke his hip, prompting his return to Madrid, where this last morning had surgery to reconstruct this joint with a prosthesis. Although the fall was the cause of his right hip fracture, Don Juan Carlos suffers from osteoarthritis, as confirmed for the first time the Zarzuela Palace, so that his hip, like his right knee which was operated in June , and had undergone prior wear.