One way to make a water safari is doing in a boat called mokoros, traditional canoes used by the inhabitants of the delta, and get them to one of the islands to the mainland to spend the night between hippos and noise hyenas, shelter and a bonfire under the starry sky more beautiful and clear you can imagine. All washed down with Amarula, a kind of coffee liqueur that is made with the fruit of a tree of the forest and with which to elephants become happy from time to time. From there we went straight to one of those places that a traveler has always pending, the Okavango Delta. A strange river that rises from the depths of the Kalahari, to soak it all in life and lost again between the dryness of Africa. It is difficult to describe a site that runs on mocoros (a kind of canoe), through papyrus reeds and lilies and a stunning wildlife hidden in the environment (it is difficult, at least, convey the feelings). Lying on the boats, driven by a "puller", managing the mocoro with a long wooden stick dipped into the shallow waters drown the desert, life seems simple. They drink the spring water, catch fish with a net, sleeping on the trail of a candle in the middle of an uninhabited island. And there are you, watching as a few dozen hippos remind us that those are their lands, listening to their voices resound through the undergrowth, following the trail of one of the elephants that we saw in the slopes and (something personal) thinking that a small bar in the area to stay with a drink would be the culmination of a perfect day (is to stone me, I know). Is the defect we have some love with this thing get lost in the world, that if we could figuring a winery in the suitcase to drink in sips lonely. There are many unforgettable images of those two days: an evening in front of the Delta with light vacilándonos at will, a little water on my head because my mocorista was already something breaking, unable to keep up with the most young, and ended rowing to advance through palms ... But above all there is a bath which scored (message for my friend Juancho) in the river. The pullers we asked how many wanted to swim. In several of the group a few minutes soaking in the crystal clear waters of the Okavango, amid a stream that seemed asleep but trailing Angola direction, with the feeling soak the ass in the paradise, surrounded by invisible animals. One then dried in the sun, and use almost no eyes, meaning normal for a hundred yards a group of elephants reluctantly watch the scene.