An elephant wanders the camp nearby Eagle Island Camp by Orient Express, outside the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana. Located in Central Okavango Delta, Eagle Island Camp is a camp built on the water, with shops and thatched roofs, in one of the islands in the lagoon Xaxaba. Xaxaba literally means "island of tall trees." The camp is a nice retreat from the African sun protected, thanks to the shade provided by a canopy of native trees. Located in one of the most pristine and natural delta, a region with a variety of channels and large wetlands. The animal and bird life of this region is very rich and can be seen aboard species mekoros (traditional dugout canoes), motor boats, cruises of 14 seats at sunset and Bell Jet Ranger helicopter (additional cost). For intrepid explorers eager to follow tracks and noise in the bushes, the camp offers guided walks. Further, the magnificent sunsets can be enjoyed-a rain-covered from the Fish Eagle Bar or from the raised platform overlooking the lagoon. The Okavango wetlands are a treasure to enjoy their animals and natural wonders. Sightings and sounds change according to the season and even the hours. The experience is unique. Not far from the camp you can blast your way through the channels created by hippos and even follow his footsteps through thick reed fields. When the sun rises, the sound of small frogs in ponds comes to an end after the 'evening concert'. The fabulous bright plumage of a kingfisher attention. Is throwing darts at the swamp, having breakfast on a fish that twists on itself. Now you would be the envy of any ornithologist, floating like you're in a sky of feathers. Although the Okavango Delta is technically known as a swamp, the water is quite pure and free from impurities, with an abundance of fish. Not surprisingly, this area houses the highest concentration of ospreys in the world. Also, the huge amount of food attracts all varieties of birds with an appetite for fish, including herons, cormorants, pelicans and storks.