Aerodrome near Eagle Island Camp camp camp Orient Express, outside the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana. One of the guides says goodbye Orient Express tourists. Natrural Moremi Reserve. The Moremi Game Reserve is a sanctuary of rich and diverse wildlife, covering the Okavango Delta. The reserve is not fenced and boundaries are defined naturally by the river systems it becomes an essential area to visit on the trip to Botswana. The vegetation is varied, supplemented with dry earth permanent and seasonal wetlands, which is excellent for both wildlife and birds. There is a whole network of hiking safari through the reserve, as well as access to permanent water courses in the delta, where you can enjoy canoeing Xakanaxa (not available in cottages in the Khwai area). It is today the only air travel really Botswana Protected since 1963, was declared as Reserved, due to the rapid decline of wildlife in the area, and in view of the rapid disappearance of wildlife, woman Chief Moremi III, decided to preserve the area by declaring a national reserve. Moremi is one of the best game reserves in Africa to see the African wild dog endangered. Xakanaxa is home to a herd of buffalo hundreds of residents whose range covers the territories of at least 4 prides of lions that can often be seen as accompanying the ever moving herd in which the panels should observe in Botswana travel. The elephant breeding herds move between their browsing areas in the mopane forests and fresh water from the Okavango. Red lechwe are one of the more unusual antelope species commonly found here. Although the Reserve is the only part of the Okavango Delta that is legally protected, it is surrounded by an area wildlife management which is carefully controlled. The book itself is not fenced, allowing the free movement of animals according to seasonal migrations. Moremi now extends east and north to join the Chobe National Park, ensuring a continuous area of ??land protected up to Kasane. It is the first reserve established by local, by the people of Ngamiland Batawana. With a variety of colors in an area of ??over 3900 km square, whither delta channels, ponds, salt marshes, forests, etc.., Being the place of residence of many migratory animals and other endangered. Following the introduction of Black and White Rhinoceros, turned to become the home of the Big 5