Authentic savannah landscape near Camp Savute Elephant Camp by Orient Express in Botswna, in the Chobe National Park. In Botswana the climate varies depending on the area. The country has relatively low elevation relative to sea level, with little significant landforms and surrounded by much higher areas which favor the stagnation of high pressure, which in turn prevent the entry of humid winds. Although located on the Tropic of Capricorn, Botswana has large thermal variations in summer temperatures are high both day and night with highs of 40 ° C and minimum to 28 ° C. In the Kalahari, the thermometer can descend at dusk beyond the 0 ° C in June and July in wetter sites, used to frost. While in neighboring Zimbabwe and South Africa the rainy season takes place between October and April, Botswana is very rare to begin before the end of November, ending in February. When to go. The austral winter (May to August) is a good time to visit Botswana, because the days are usually mild and wild animals never stray far from water sources. In any case, should be considered which also coincides with school holidays in Europe, North and South Africa, so there may be many visitors. Overall, June, early July and September are the months less crowded. This season is not conducive to travel secondary roads, enjoy the contemplation of the wildlife or explore the Okavango, as persistent rain could disable sandy roads and animals when they are dispersed with water. POPULATION 1,780,000 inhabitants (2006) Life expectancy is just 33 years. The average number of children per woman is 2.79 (one of the lowest rates in Africa). Almost 80% of the population is literate. An estimated 37.3% of the population is infected with the HIV virus (AIDS). ETHNIC GROUPS: Batswana 95%, Kalanga, Basarawa and Kgalagadi 4%, white 1% live in Botswana over 45 thousand natives Basarawa or Bushmen (Afrikaans, boschjesman, "man of the forest"), people of small stature and dark brown complexion , especially in the Kalahari, inhabited for at least 20,000 years. Also known by the names of San or Khoisan, is one of the richest ethnic groups and together with only two pygmies prenegríticas and oldest races of Africa. They are traditionally hunter-gatherers who speak one of the Khoisan languages, characterized by incorporating popping sounds or clicks. The rest of the population belongs to the Bantu and are concentrated in the eastern highlands. Language. The official language is English and Setswana national Bantu (both can be considered official). There are several local languages ??as: Kalanga, Mbukushu, Herero and Cungo. The Cungo, is a Khoisan language (or Khoisan) also spoken in northern Namibia and Angola. In total, it has about 5,000 speakers of ethnic Bushman. Possibly it is the same language as the akhoe and vasekela. Do not have the click consonant labial typical South Khoisan languages. NOTE: This information is recorded as long as the name of the country of Botswana in its English meaning and known internationally. In Castilian can be applied also in Botswana Spanish name. RELIGION 50% animist indigenous beliefs, 50% Christian (the border between the practice of local religions and Christianity is in many cases difficult to determine). There are Hindu and Muslim minorities. In the primitive religions Botswana tribal chieftains addressed family issues from the underworld. Among the highlighted rites ceremonies and male and female initiation rituals for rain. Polygamy was practiced and property of one man's sons inherited his first wife. Folklore San (Bushman) is very rich, and has supernatural explanations of worldly events, orchestrated by N'odima, the good and Gcawama, the malicious trickster. The missionaries moved almost all traditional customs. HOLIDAYS 1 and January 2, New Year Santos Friday-Saturday and Easter Monday May 1, Labour Day July 1, the day of Sir Seretse Khama. Third Monday and Tuesday in July, President's Day. September 30, the day of Botswana. October 1st 25, December Christmas Day 26 December Boxing Day The holidays are closed banks, Ministries and Official Centers.