A lion walks quietly by the vicinity of the camp Savute Elephant Camp by Orient Express in Botswana in the Chobe National Park. Prohibited hunting of lions in South Africa and Botswana. The Botswana government has banned lion hunting. "From unilaterally by surprise and for an indefinite period," added the Spanish hunters high standing. The South African authorities have virtually decided the same this summer. There is also not permitted to hunt more than 10 lions a year. Terrible news. Where will they go now these illustrious killers down to lions? Will they stay without your precious carpet lion "real"? Luckily for these emulators of Clark Gable in Mogambo, there are still possibilities in Africa to hunt lions galore, private estates canned properly secured to prevent leaks to the field of competition. The body of a hairy male killed by oneself comes to cost about $ 22,000, although the prohibitions that its price may fired in the near future, never better employed the verb. And if the seasoned hunter misfires should not worry about the integrity of his ass, as the companion guide knock you for it but do not tell anyone. In Africa some 40,000 live in the wild lions, about half of which was 25 years ago. Against this, the foreign exchange generated by tourism hunting of this animal generates about 146 million euros per year and maintain 6,000 jobs. The business could reconverted photographic safari, but not so interested. The hunter arrives, kills, pays and leaves. The Pacific is quieter tourist, want to know, see, walk. Also not done photos with the corpses, living like animals. Strange people.