A 4x4 on traveling several tourists photographing elephants drinking water at a waterhole near the Savute Elephant Camp by Orient Express in Botswana in the Chobe National Park. The United Nations warned today that the plague raging elephant Botswana since King does not hunt in this country could reach other regions such as South Africa and, eventually, reach even to Europe. In Botswana, the swarms of elephants and have destroyed 90% of the country's crops and animals have been used to living in urban areas. African governments, frightened, take weeks asking Spain to be given permission to Don Juan Carlos to resume hunting of elephants "and then placed in the appropriate place in the food chain of the Savannah before all the African ecosystem crumbles ". The king and his rifle to hunt elephants occupied an essential niche in the balance of the Savannah. "The elephant has adapted to share habitat with His Majesty the King, shortening their reproductive cycles to increase the population and survive extermination. He had established a sort of equilibrium between the pressure trophic reproductive and brake elephant population which involved the homicidal rage of the king and his rifle to hunt elephants, "said Els Konstabel, Civil Protection spokesman in South Africa. According Els, "the king of Spain had been fully integrated into the savanna ecosystem, standing at the top and acting as a sort of third-order carnivore, above even the big cats. Now, Juan Carlos I, the elephant population is out of control and we can not curb it. " "I turn on the kitchen light and see steam in stampede to hide behind the trash or in the fridge," a Johannesburg woman whose house is infested with elephants, example of how far it has spread the plague of elephants Botswana. "My husband stepped on one barefoot and gave us much disgusted because with these bones creak so strong they have." Royal House sources have warned that Juan Carlos-known among the local population of Botswana as "white devil who kills elephants prominent chin and hugs the ground sporadically" - do not plan any hunting safari in the coming months. Especially since the controversy that arose with his last trip, in which he hurt his hip, and for which he was forced to publicly apologize to all Spanish. "Juan Carlos I to you is a king. For us it is a god. And one should not ask God for forgiveness. 'He that falls' is chosen to end this endless plague and only he can help, "he says solemnly Konstabel Els.