Pier at Sungai Kinabatangan River. Homestay Walai Miso experiential tourism. Sukau. Eastern Sabah. Kinabatangan River (Sungai Kinabatangan) is located in Sabah, east Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. It is the second longest river in Malaysia, with a length of 560 kilometers from its headwaters in the mountains of southwest Sabah, to its outlet at the Sulu Sea, east of Sandakan.Kinabatangan is known for its remarkable wildlife and fascinating habitats such limestone caves in Gomantong Hill, dryland dipterocarp forests, riverine forest, forest freshwater marsh, oxbow lakes and salt marshes, mangrove costa.ecología near the upper reaches of the river has been stopped seriously excessive logging and land clearing for plantations. However, the original forests of the lowland and mangrove swamps near the coast have survived in large part, and contain some of the highest concentrations of wildlife in Borneo. Of special note is Borneo's indigenous proboscis monkeys and orangutans, Asian elephants and Sumatran rhinoceros. The area also is known for its wide variety of birdlife.Cada year, the rains that hit the northeast monsoon made the river swell quickly. Unable to disgorge into the sea fast enough, the river frequently overflows its banks and spreads across the flat land of its lower reaches, creating a large floodplain. The lower Kinabatangan teeming with both the fauna and flora, making it the best area for wildlife viewing, not just in Sabah but all of Southeast Asia Oriental.En 1997, 270 square kilometers of the lower Kinabatangan floodplain were declared a protected area, and in 2001 this designation was upgraded to the "Bird Sanctuary" in large part to the efforts of World Wildlife Fund. However, other efforts to have the area declared a "wildlife refuge" or even "national park" has been opposed by the logging industry, and oil palm plantation owners seeking to extend their land cultivada.Actualmente, most nature tourism is concentrated around Sukau, accessible by road and offer comfortable accommodation for visitors prepared to pay well-managed travel. The populated area and the central government to city Kinabatangan Kinabatangan is located along the road to Sandakan-Lahad Datu, and about 90 kilometers from the town of Sandakan. The largest system of caves in Sabah Gomantong Caves can also be found in this región.En Sukau, many of the major tour operators maintain cottages. All lodges offer packages that usually include transportation, accommodation, food and guide services. The award winning country house a Sukau Rainforest lodges practicing responsable.Fomente tourism over the river in the village of Batu Putih you could choose to stay with local people from the Orang Sungei in Miso Walai homestay program. Near the village there are beautiful series of oxbow lakes. Provide accommodation, food, jungle guides, boat trips, fishing and other activities. They have also recently built eco-lodge in the jungle near one of the oxbow lakes - Lake Tungog. The ecotourism program has been successful and has clearly helped oxbow lake of the weed, financed afforestation projects and is providing a sustainable income for the community of Batu Putih.