Houses located on the side of a mountain in the Kinabalu National Park. Kinabalu National Park is located in Sabah, a region in the northeast of the island of Borneo (Malaysia). It occupies an area of 754 km2 and an altitude of 4090 meters is the highest mountain in Borneo, and one of the richest biological areas on the planet (there have been about 700 different species of orchids). Much of the flora of this mountain is Kinabalu endemic and not found anywhere else in the world. The panoramic mountain wakes up, mid-morning is covered with clouds, in the early evening sky darkens and afternoon rains begin. Receives an annual rainfall of 400 cm at the base of the park (at 1560 m altitude) and temperatures around 20 degrees, while at the top the average temperature drops to 2-10 ° and the rainfall is 450 cm per year (we could suffer well). Knowing that here find cloud forest epiphytes and many decided to make the ascent of the mountain (August). The first part to the refuge of Laban Rata (3262 m) performed in a 5.30 am (stopping to take pictures and look at the flora). In this area are almost all orchids. Be prepared to climb in heavy rain. Of the estimated 263 species of Dendrochilum, 81 are from Borneo. Mount Kinabalu is the richest site Dendrochilum around Borneo where 32 species have been described, which represent 39.5% of all of Borneo. Twelve species and two varieties of these are endemic to this mountain. The monsoons in Malaysia beginning in October and end in February, in some places early March. The east coast of Malaysia suffers a lot, especially areas such as islands Perhentians (closed hotels, no ferries, the locals are on the islands, etc).