Interior Gomantong caves. Borneo. Eastern Sabah. Torrent and Laura Santi Molins. A 100 km. Sandakan Gomantong Caves, located on limestone hills around the lower Kinabatangan, made famous by the amount of edible nests, made from the saliva of the birds housed there. These nests are known for their medicinal properties between the local Chinese community and are harvested rattan and bamboo instruments, arranging them on a ladder hanging over 30 m. above the cave floor. After collection, between February and April and between July and September, "the nests are submerged in water to remove mud and feathers, leaving them clean. Then sold to the local Chinese community and are exported to many parts of the world: up to $ 2000 per kilo have come to pay. The collection is tightly controlled by a licensing system. The cave is dark, so we have to light the way, a wooden platform with a flashlight. As we walk through and hear the comings and goings of birds and bats, we looked at the ground, slippery, it becomes dangerous and where dozens of cockroaches walk at your leisure. The environment is disgusting, especially when the stench given off by the manure is so strong that it stirs the stomach.