Orangutans at the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sepilok. Eastern Sabah. If visiting the rehabilitation center for orangutans of Sepilok is more likely to see these animals if you just take a tour of the Kinabalu National Park. This reserve was created in 1964 and she was caring for primates and reintroduce them into the jungle. Be careful with these animals that may be too curious ... There are several hiking trails in the reserve, from the most accessible to the most complicated. The most difficult will take you through the mangroves, on a walk of two to three hours. Apart from birds and you will see the famous monkeys orangutans of Borneo gibbons. Guided tours to see these animals. These visits can be arranged in the reception area and prices are included in the price of admission to the reserve. There are plenty of things to do in Sepilok after dark. You can book an evening stroll by the Centre for Orangutan, to see these animals at night. You can also get close to the bars in the area such as Batu Empat or the Four Mile. Both bars are perfect for a drink and stay overnight at Sepilok. A few meters from the sanctuary of orangutans have the Rainforest Discovery Centre. It is an excellent opportunity to walk through the canopy of giant trees, which can reach about 28 meters. There is an amazing suspension bridge that connects many of the trees, with different towers from which have fantastic views.