A fisherman poses for the camera in the port of Semporna, the gateway to Sipadan. Sipadan is well known: the walls with huge schools of barracuda and jacks, turtles and white tip sharks and occasional dull moment blankets and hammers. It is expensive (about 150 euros a day with 3 dives) but it's worth. Some operators (Chang, among others) are not recommended by the material in poor condition and the passivity of their dive masters. Borneo Divers Scuba Junkie and are the best, but often have reservations Sipadan busy for months. l best resort for my taste is the Mabul Water Bungalow, but also the most expensive, will have to do budgets. In this resort there are three types of accommodation in wooden cabin on the island, in a bungalow overlooking the sea and on stilts in the water. The latter are the best and most expensive, but worth it because it is a luxury and it will take away all the mosquitoes to be in the water. You also have the Sipadan Water Bungalow and Borneo Divers, all these on the island of Mabul. On the island of Kapalai, which is not an island but rather a sand spit at low tide it is exposed and the resort is all stilts in the water, is the Kapalai Resort. Also opposite the island of Mabul is a former oil rig has now been converted into a hotel for divers.