Chaparro restaurant, the best Mexican food in Berlin, Germany. Chaparro Berlin offers all-natural, authentic Mexican street food and more. Chef Raul Oliver. For me the kitchen is the center of culture, my style is rooted in oldskool authentic Mexican tradtions but often reinterpreted. My Mother comes from Guadalahara and my Grandmother from Pueblo but I was born and brought up in Mexico City. I always admired them both for their cooking skills in our family kitchen, both had pride in their regional cuisines, they only ever used the freshest ingredients and exploited the most traditional of techniques.  It was when I was 12yrs old that i experienced the first culinary transition, after a trip to India my father decided to become a vegetarian and the rest of my family followed his footsteps. My Gradmother & Mother were forced to change the approach to food, thank god they had good cooking skills because the instilled creativtiy in the dishes and the food they served our family was outstanding.  My first step into gastronomie was during a 1yr strike in my University as I was studying Chemistry. I had nothing to do and decided to open a vegetarian imbiss with my Mother.  It was the best decision I ever made, as from here on i new my only path should lead to a life in Gastronomie. I left my University and enrolled in the Ambrosia - The Mexican Institute of Culinary Arts where I studied for 3 years and qualified as a chef. That was 13 years ago! After graduation I arrived in Europe where I have been working my way up the chef ladder in a variety of gourmet restaurants in Spain and Berlin.  A few months ago I opened my own Mexican street food restaurant in Berlin Kreuzberg - Chaparro and set up a Garden just outside Berlin to start growing special Mexican spices I need to produce a line of Mexican gourmet sauces which i call IXIM. I also hold regular cooking classes in the regional cusines of Mexico.