Berlin, Germany, rowboat, canoe and sailing boat on the Spree. Experience Berlin from a kayak. See Tierpark and Zoologischer Garten from the water, and learn about the capital's impressive water lock system. Explore the length of the U1 line, suspended above the canal, then go for a trip on the Spree. Set off on an exciting, unique trip. The tour begins in the Berlin Kreuzberg district at the docks of the van Loom boat restaurant.  For the trip you'll have an expert on hand to greet you before the tour beings. The guide will then help you to deploy. While you warm up for the trip, you will have the opportunity to learn a little about the interesting history of the Landwehr Canal.  The journey heads westwards downstream along the legendary line of the U1. The first trainline to be built in Berlin runs above your head up until the point where, above and below the ground, a number of different traffic routes cross paths and a reminder of the so called "Rosinenbomber" (Raisin Bombers) from the Berlin blockade of 1948/1949 is located.  We'll continue follow this unique, scenic route next to the Spree, past Potsdamer Platz and Ministry of Defence. Guests will learn about the pognant history of the area and Stauffenberg's failed execution attempt of Hitler. You'll then paddle further past Tiergarten and Zoologischer Garten.  Now, guests will cross one of the best–known Berlin locks and the city's widest bridge, a fun part and unique adventure especially for older children. At the Spreedreieck (Spree Triangle) we'll meet the Spree. Enjoy the house boots on the banks, the old warehouses and risk a view of the modern, high-tech offices. We will then paddle finally along the beautiful Spree river to our final destination near Tiergarten station.