Museum fuer Naturkunde, Berlin Museum of Natural History. Paleontological Museum in Berlin Ancient skeletons of dinosaurs. Berlin's Natural History Museum (Museum für Naturkunde) is home to a vast array of zoological, paleontological and mineralogical specimens. The popular Berlin museum also boasts that it houses the largest mounted dinosaur in the world. It is so large in fact, that it was impossible for me to get a full photo of it!   The main entrance to the museum has a number of steps, but there is a side entrance that is better accessible for wheelchair and pram users. You need to ring the bell and then you will be allowed inside to take a quick lift ride to the ticket area (thank you Jenni for this tip).   Upon entering, you are soon faced with an incredibly bright, dinosaur filled room! ''WOW'' is the word that escapes my oldest boys' lips whenever he sees this room and I must admit that I feel the same. This initial room will without a doubt be a hit for any young dinosaur fans in Berlin. It features large skeletons, fossils and a couple of fun interactive tools.  Head over to the screens angled off the floor and you will see pictures of the skeletons standing in front of you. Move the dial to one of the dinosaurs and suddenly the creature on the screen will fill with muscles and skin and spring to life. This is my oldest boys' favourite part of the whole museum and we always spend a looooooong time playing with the dials.