Berlin Homeless people. Most visitors to Berlin want to get the know the city's hippest haunts, but a new tour offers insights into the lives of its homeless people. The program aims to bring people at the margins back into contact with the center of society. According to estimates, there are up to 4,000 homeless people in Berlin. Some can be easily spotted. But with many others, there's no way of telling they live on the streets, because they don't fulfill the stereotype of a shabby hobo. Most citizens or tourists don't even notice, or they don't pay attention to them. That was one reason for Berlin-based Sally Ollech and Katharina Kühn to initiate the project "Querstadtein." Just like in cities like Copenhagen or London, Berlin now offers city tours focusing on the homeless. The idea is to help overcome prejudices and reservations. Some of his tour spots are also mentioned in guide books: Bahnhof Zoo, for instance, or the Protestant Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. But with Voss, these sights get a different meaning: At Bahnhof Zoo, he points to a grocery store that's open on Sundays which is unusual for Germany - it's where the homeless line up to redeem their empty bottles they have collected on the streets. And it's not the church that's the main attraction for them, but the shopping centers nearby where they can keep warm at night and during winter time.