Spree River from atop the Berlin Cathedral or Berliner Dom, an Evangelical church built in 1905 by King Frederick William IV. Berlin has two large rivers- Spree and Havel- as well as lots of lakes and canals where ships and riverboats cruise. The Spree river flows in arches through Berlin, south of it runs the Landwehr canal. Therefore, all boat tours through the city follow the same route over the Spree river and the Landwehr canal, only length and duration of the boat tours vary, depending on start and finish points. Several shipping companies offer riverboat tours, prices and schedules vary depending on the length of the route, services and extras. Each company has its own piers. This page presents the most popular boat tours, tickets can be easily bought online. The magnificent Berliner Dom, also known as the Berlin Cathedral, is one of the most iconic structures to be found in the city and is popular with many visitors. This neo-Baroque building was built in 1905, has been restored after been large destroyed during World War II. The impressive dome is a key feature of the Cathedral with the dome gallery offering good views of central Berlin. Inside this striking building visitors will find a museum detailing the history of the Cathedral and its design. The Hohenzollern Crypt also draws the attention of many visitors with its 94 entombments, some dating back to the 16th century.