Potsdamerplatz. Haus Huth entrance 1879 in the Daimler Benz new quarter. Squaters doing a soap balloons. Haus Huth, 5 Alte Potsdamer Strasse, was built for the Huth family in 1912, by architects Conrad Heidenreich and Paul Michel. It is the only imperial German building in Potsdamer Platz to have survived both the war and Wall largely unscathed. The family wanted to store wine on the second and third floors, and so the architects recommended a steel skeleton structure that was well ahead of its time. This is why the building survived the air-raids. Preserving and rebuilding Haus Huth was far from straightforward. The steel skeleton, the Kirchheim shell-limestone façade, the marble staircases and the heraldic room on the first floor are all listed structures. Architects Christine Kreplin and Hubertus Duwensee planned and carried out the refurbishment. The former Weinhaus Huth is a last reminder of a piece of old Berlin: a house with a ring-side view of history.